Life as a search box

One of our favourite evening schedules as husband and wife on the weekends is to watch movies or shows on YouTube and Netflix.. and since the wedding, the choice of movies and shows have distinctly transformed from rom-coms to action (although I hate to admit that once you find love rom-coms can lose some of their charm!). We also like watching thrillers and shows with some element of mystery. Well…. so it should not come as a surprise that my YouTube feeds are constantly throwing up movies¬†like the ones we watch.. well… duh! its designed that way and in Netflix, one chooses their likes and preferences and thats what the platform prompts…

Isn’t life just like this too? or maybe, YouTube and Netflix is designed on life? Let me explain…. what if the age old saying “what you sow, you shall reap” is the biggest truth of life! what we keep feeding into the search box, becomes our prompts for what we come across life constantly? If that is intact true, then do we actually hold some power over destiny or is this just another way of being hopeful and positive when in fact whats meant to be will just be irrespective!

I guess, I am asking the very questions people have been asking for generations and generations ¬†and only a few have answers to them based on how their lives have panned out.. but just to add some flavour to the curry, if we do treat life like a search box where if we constantly look for gratitude and happiness, then they will keep coming to us is various shapes and forms because lets face it, sometimes even the choices we type into a search box throws up very many options and majority of it we don’t even like.. so there is a big big chance that if we keep looking for something, it might just show up! If I feed my life search box with fear and anxiety and doubt, then Im going to land with a variety of these unsavoury experiences and that’s how the vicious cycle starts!

It is definitely a challenge to not click on virus sites or other diverting links during the search because man is programmed to divert and to lose his way sometimes… but the real challenge then is to always remember that its important to track back to the original search box and close unwanted sites and not be swayed by porn sites or going sites because we all know that they are land mines waiting to blow up on the face…. if life is indeed nothing but a search box… what are you going to type in next?