Threshold of definition

Another day.. another morning.. another dream to dream and another reality to live.. If all days have promise and all nights comfort.. what are we seeking? or is seeking the only way to live?

For the last few days I have been thinking a lot about my present self.. I think there comes a time when we are in our 30s when we are no longer bound by rules of life, when we are free to create our own rules, when we are expected to choose paths, chose emotions and give back all that has been gained.. the doors of adulthood are wide open and yet we have walked through it many times… Nothing that has hold good for so long holds good anymore.. nothing that has been limiting so long is limiting anymore… the operations of life exist and become the norm… a job, a career, dinner, responsibilities, rent and phone calls  they go on like ever before but what opens up is possibilities.. Once more we are at the threshold of definition…

This threshold is so important because it is vast and endless.. we can choose to continue being who we have been or we can choose to be what we think we can be… we are the governing bodies, the parents to our selves and we can be strict ones or ones with open arms of “why not?”. This threshold holds immense opportunity.. opportunity to believe in things we have always believed in or to start new beliefs… we can question and find answers and tell other differently or we can go with the flow of the river an not realise the distance travelled.. Its an opportunity to change ideas and limiting factors and it has the power to influence.. we can either be busy or we can be alive…

This is a true threshold of choice.. A true threshold of being out there and a true threshold of being who we are or who we want to be…Definition is not limiting or once only true.. Definition is a label of entirety and individuality.. it can be unique or general as general can be.. The threshold of choice is the threshold of definition.. it is rewarding and true and a face of everything you!



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