Having it all!

Today I got to thinking about passions, interests, jobs, careers and homes. Its true that we need all of these to feel complete and satisfied but its also true that in reality we rarely infact we never have all of them all together at the same time. We are always searching or I could say questing for one of them. Is there a reason you think that we can never have it all? What would you say if you met someone who had it all? Would he/she stop living? Would they have no motivation to get up in the mornings and look forward to the day? or would they simply be happy and enjoy the all of life? Is there someone like that out there? are you secretly there watching over all of the rest of us and feeling content for not having any quests to take care of?

As a woman its so much more difficult this quest cause there is so much more at stake. Our passions and our interests rarely direct us to our homes and when we give it all at home its not possible to pursue a career. Yes we can do jobs but its rare to be a part of our passion, it is usually more of an interest and that is luke warm sentiment. Many men would say that they too have the balance to find between their jobs and passions and sometimes to take care of the home they compromise just as we women do and that is true in many cases but yes in my sex and in my world I would like to believe that we women have many more hoops to jump through to reach our goals than men.

This circus is not new neither is it culturally or restricted to any geography or even any particular era. From the victorian periods to the current day women have been struggling to having to choose between their heart and their soul. Women entrepreneus of that time were forced to sell their ideas through their male counterparts for the idea to be accepted, writers wrote under male psedonyms and painters painted under the title unknown. Today yes we stand proud with our identities and our sex next to our talents but the question asked is always how is the home front dealing with the work front. Women then had to chose between a career and family and hence many remained without a companion or many married but remained without passion. Today such decisions are easier to make however the delicacies and the questions and the concerns are still very much there.

Today feminism is standing on her own and is speaking strong and it is a voice that should not be drowned or meeked and definitely not silenced. In the era before the world war women shed their blood for voting rights and the fight has long been forgotten. This fight should not be forgotten. We should never say that we cannot have it all. We should continue to want it all because we need it all to live and yes we are all done just surviving!